Strategic Center for the Future of African countries

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Our objective

Help African countries review their assets and develop them in a responsible way.


Our offer:

We are opening a complete independent center within which, no politics, no countries, no big institutions are involved where all African countries can get advice.

Every country has huge assets and/or can develop new assets for future profitability. Our objective is to help countries review all resources and assets, define based on current ones, which area should be developed first and help develop and use them in a responsible way, independently from any specific pressure from anyone. We look at the whole picture. We therefore help those countries define a bright future for themselves.

We never take sides…. We do not tell what to do but give advice as far as strategy of the future based on current assets and/or possible future assets to be developed.

We can as well help ease when needed, by only giving advice, while countries define their strategy of the Future.

About us:

-This center cannot be managed by anyone in order to avoid any corruption. It can only be managed by someone who is known for his/her integrity and complete independence, by someone who will not take any side and will not force anyone but give advice in a positive way. Our founder is known for her complete integrity and entire independence.  She never takes sides, only gives advice.

-It has to be someone who knows a lot about any kind of industries to be able to assess and advise in all areas as well as someone who has a key strategic view of the Future of the Global Market. Her whole experience has given her a global knowledge in many key areas and her past successes have shown not only her strategic view of the Future but as well her keen analysis of any ongoing situation. She can assess, analyze, research and offer solutions.

-She is passionate about this, not only because of the objective of it, but as well because of her deepest appreciation of and for African countries. From 3 to 7 years old, she lived in an African country and has the best memories from it.